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I am happy photographer who working at most of the wedding in France and Austria. Most of my time I am shooting Weddings and Pre-weddings at:

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Planning a wedding stirs many emotions – excitement, nervousness, and a lot of joy. When that wedding is abroad, you have new levels of excitement. There’s much to consider as you dive into researching gorgeous locations, finding venues, planning accommodations, comparing prices, and seeking the best for your guests.

The list might seem endless – which is why I endeavor to make one of your choices much simpler. I have the honor of capturing many weddings and know the challenges that come with their planning. I understand the privilege I am given when you ask me to be your wedding photographer and capture your magical day.

destination wedding photographer

Planning a Wedding at your choosen Destination

Planning anything in unfamiliar settings is difficult, but a wedding is especially challenging. You may be looking at language barriers, cultural differences, and time zone changes. I understand how busy you are leading up to the big day. That’s why my services are all-inclusive as I strive to present a stress-free experience. We will set time to get to know one another so I can truly understand what you want from me as your destination photographer.

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destination wedding photographer
destination wedding photography

Why Have a Destination Wedding?

An unforgettable day becomes even more magical when set against a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop. Whether it is the romance of Paris, spires of Prague, or sandy wonderland of the California desert, there are many reasons to have a destination wedding. In my time as a destination wedding photographer in Europe, I have discovered just why people go abroad for their big day.

Many couple choose a new locale for a wedding because they find their personalities reflected in the geography of France or the architectural wonder of Austria. They seek to break the barriers of traditional weddings by going to a new and exciting place, or return to the place where their love first bloomed.

destination wedding women portrait
destination wedding photography
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Other couples find overseas weddings as a chance for an intimate affair.

They spend more time with their guests and build bonds and memories. They no longer feel tied to inviting guests out of obligation and find the whole wedding is more intimate and filled with love as a result.

Destination weddings are easier to customize and create unique new traditions. Some couples even incorporate wedding traditions of their host country to pay respect to the place they have chosen to exchange vows.

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Why Not a Local Photographer?

Maybe you’re planning to wed in a beautiful remote location. Perhaps you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language, or there is a lack of photographers in the area.

Finding a local photographer in a foreign country presents new challenges. There are many advantages to booking someone willing to travel, who speaks your language and knows exactly what you want.

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destination wedding photography
destination wedding photography
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Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography allows me to combine my two passions – travel and photography. I am committed to providing the best experience for you and know that every wedding is unique. Even if I have worked in your destination, like Paris or Prague (my favorites) before, I treat every wedding as a unique love story. There will be no “standardized” shots but rather what is natural and right for you and your partner.

My process involves taking the time to meet, Skype, or simply talk on the phone to really understand what you are looking for. I am able to capture the personality of the couple when I actually know them – so this is my utmost priority.

Dina Deykun
"Dina is an amazing photographer!!! She made the pictures during our wedding and they look amazing. It's like she has a third sense to capture all the interesting moments that are taking place."
Bart Huys, Belgium
"Thank you Dina! An absolutely unforgettable day to remember your photos forever. Absolutely perfect pictures - the emotional photos at the registry office a perfect job! With joke and verve, to be a model on your own wedding was really fun;) Thanks again - highly recommended !!! Great Job !!"
Nina und Michael, Germany
"Dina is super recommended!!! Since the first conversation till the final result of the pic she was great!! Dina was very helpful with all our questions and requests. Her warm attitude and good energies made us feel comfortable infront of the camera."
Danielle Kochavi Aharonov, Israel
"The pictures Dina has taken me have been exclusive and professionally executed, so very satisfied! I will definitely hire her for future photos and wedding photos. Awesome photographer!"
Melinda Rocabado, Sweden
"We spent a very happy portrait session with Dina. She is very patient and answered every question efficiently before the booking. She showed us around the famous spot and take gorgeous pictures. She taught us how to pose in the best way and make it look natural..."
Yanghua, China
"Really really awesome pre-wedding photo shoot experience with Dina! She's very professional as a photographer and her warm personality just makes you feel comfortable right from the beginning till end was amazing!..."
Gerald, Australia

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