Wedding photographer in Prague

Long time ago I heard very nice quote: " If things do not work out-take another shot!" So I decided to take a shot!

The concept of photography has always amazed me, and still does. The ability to capture absolutely perfect moment is something unbelievable even to think about, the skill to implement it - makes fly! I am able to do it. However the main reason I decided to become a professional photographer is the chance to keep forever the most intimate moment of our lives - wedding!

For the last couple of years, I’ve traveled all over Europe and specialized in the art of the wedding photography, portrait photo sessions as well as love story photoshoots. This experience has developed me as a professional and opened my photographing skills to it's fullest potential.

I 'm based in the magical city of Central Europe in Prague since 2016. I am always available for photoshoots worldwide!
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