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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

The Real Value of Photography

Whether you are a professional and new photographer, there are many creative and technical skills needed to take the perfect shot, which can be overwhelming. Aside from trying to capture the natural light and makes good use of this light to exposure variables and planning the subject matter, you also need to find your specialty. There are many types of photography and learning to master the skills will help you find your niche. One of this type is commercial photography.

What is Commercial Photography?

This is the more complex area of photography because there are different types of styles and genres in this category, but the goal is the same for all of them, and that is to sell something. In this type of photography, it involves taking a photo of a particular product or a service that someone is receiving or supplying. The idea is to plan the shoot in a way that it will display the product or service, its best features and entice the person looking at the photograph to buy them. A perfectly shot commercial photo is a great marketing tool to enhance the selling potential of a particular brand and it can be done by hiring a professional commercial photographer.

The purpose of commercial photography is to take photographs of profitable use. Taking a cue from the word “commercial,” this means that these pictures are made for business, for sales, and revenue. It is frequently associated with sales pitches, advertisements, merchandising and product placements. Commercial photography is utilized in corporate brochures, menus, business cards, press photos, and advertorials.

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portrait of men in the car
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Purpose of Commercial Photography

Commercial photographer can highlight the best features of whatever a company wants to sell on their product or service. Mostly, it can express the real value of something that mere words cannot express. It can project the character and warmth and catches the eye of the viewer. We are in an increasingly visual world, and that emphasizes the importance of photography.

This is a widely encompassing term, and it can cover from portraits, headshots to aerial, and product photography. Each of these, type of commercial photography has their challenges; however, if you used them correctly, it can be a massive and powerful tool to communicate your message to your target market.

watch on hand for commercial
Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.
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watch product photo

Sell a Product

Photography is a tool that can help you sell your product or service. If you are a company selling a product line or a single product, the first thing you will need is an excellent commercial photo. These photos can in the form of sharp commercial images that are great visuals for printed materials like magazines and brochures. It can be an image that put the focus on the design of your product or any feature that you want to highlight. Whatever it is, photography can do it for you.

Promote a Business

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to promote your product, service, firm or any other type of business, you need commercial photos. Subsequently, these photos will land on your business card, flyers, brochures, even billboards, and tarpaulins. These are all the platforms that can help you promote your business. You can also take a photo of yourself to promote your brand.

skilltwing commercial photo
the ambassador fashion portrait
ambassador in the car

Tell a Story

Photography can give life to your business. Telling people about your business is not enough; you need to show to the people your product or service, your team, your processes, and even your work environment. If you document how you do business can make people understand and have an affinity with you.

In creating great content, you need to have a great image that should accompany it. A beautiful picture can draw attention and encourage the reader to read more. The more visual you are, the more likely they are going to consider your product. You can get many benefits from commercial photography as it can increase in visibility, inquiries and click-through rates. A picture can say a thousand words.

Commercial Photographer - Dina Deykun

Working in photography business need mastery of technical skills combined with artistry to make the brand deliver the message to the viewer and convince them to shell out their hard-earned cash. Commercial photography is all about promoting the product or service, and therefore, a commercial photographer is not the only an expert in capturing a good image in all the right way to show the message. They have an understanding of the retail market and how to obtain the right photo that will make a huge impact.

commercial photographer
There are two types of commercial photography that I provide

Fashion Photography

This genre of photography focuses on fashion items and clothing. These are commonly used in fashion magazines, billboards, and advertising boards. The images it produces usually have feature models that are wearing the fashion item. Looking back on the history of fashion photography, you will notice that it has existed since the beginning of photography itself. It also evolves with time as fashion is ever changing.

A fashion photographer needs to have an understanding of new trends, know how to create new ones and use the past as inspirations. Aside from getting correct imagers, they also have the eye for the right clothing, hair, and make-up.

fashion photography
product photography

Product Photography

Product photography is one of the most important advertising tools. The images in the past are taken with cameras that need elaborate developing; nowadays the most useful tools is the digital camera. It offers many possibilities and the booming e-commerce, and online shops made modern product photography more in demand than ever.

Today’s product photography is more complicated as products need to appear naturally and close to touch. This technical requirement is understood well by a product photographer. Since most of these images appear online, the sense of touch is replaced by the perfect look of the product in pictures. The quality of the photos has a direct effect on the success of the product.

Another important concept that separates a product photographer from the rest is they know that the products always come first and photography is only secondary. If done correctly, a product shot should entice somebody to want the item. When this happens, they know that that they have conveyed the right message.

Advertising Photography

The mission of an advertising photographer is to get the right image to sell products, goods, or services. Their subject can be people, food, staged scenes, or even natural settings. Most of the times these professional require solid communication skills because they need to keep the feedback process fluid with their clients, their models or their art directors.

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