Dordogne wedding – most helpful tips

Dordogne is a beautiful area in France, with many old castles, mediaeval villages and a lot of history.

The Dordogne region is perfect for hosting a wedding ceremony. It has many historical castles and churches that you can choose from to get married in. The region also has some beautiful natural landscapes that make for amazing wedding photography opportunities.

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How to Do the Planning for Your Own Chateau Dordogne Wedding?

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider and it’s important to make sure that every detail is perfect.

If you are planning your own wedding, then you should start by choosing the location. A chateau in France is a great option, because they offer different types of weddings and can accommodate all the guests on-site. The cost for the venue ranges from $3,000 to $30,000 per week, depending on the type of ceremony you want and how many people will attend.


Dordogne Wedding Venues

Choosing a wedding venue is a very important decision. It can make or break your day. You want to make sure that you pick the perfect place for you and your partner. The location should be somewhere that is meaningful to both of you.

dordogne wedding venues

You will need to decide on the size of the venue and whether you want it to be an intimate or large gathering. The next thing you should think about is your guest list. You will need to decide on how many guests you want to invite, and what kind of budget you have available as this will affect how many people can attend your wedding ceremony and reception.

France has some amazing venues for weddings and it will not disappoint! Here are some of the best wedding venues in Dordogne.

You need also want to consider additional extras such as accommodation for guests, flowers, food, photography etc.


When to plan your wedding in Dordogne?

The wedding season in Dordogne is between the months of May and September. The first wedding of the year usually takes place around the second week of May and most weddings take place at a chateau in Dordogne. The best time for the ceremony is usually in the beginning of summer, when the weather is warm and it is not too hot. 

Most people hold their wedding ceremony in the evening. The guests will typically have a three course meal to eat before going off to the church or chapel for the ceremony.

The region is a popular wedding destination, and there are many chateaus that offer weddings in the summer months. Some of the most popular times to get married are in June and July.


Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer from the Dordogne region of France love to work with couples who are looking for a romantic, personal service with a discreet, unobtrusive approach.

dordogne wedding photographer

They have a keen eye for capturing the magic and romance of each special event to produce stunning photographs and capture beautiful moments and make them magical with artful and creative eye. 

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Cost of wedding in Dordogne

The cost of a wedding varies depending on the location and style. In Dordogne, the average cost is around €10.000 – €30.000.

The ceremony is usually held in a rented chateau and can be anywhere from €900 to €10.000 per day, while the reception can cost anything from €1.000 to €5.000. The price also depends on whether you provide your own catering or not. Photography will also set you back about €1850 – €2500 for 12 hours, but if you need more time it will be extra. 

Wine for Wedding

The Dordogne is home to some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards and it is a wine-growing region of international renown. The best wines are usually made from grapes grown on the limestone soils. Dordogne wines are good for weddings, as they go well with meat dishes and poultry products.

The most famous wine from this region is a red wine called Bergerac. It is made from Merlot and Shiraz grapes and has a deep ruby red colour with a full body and earthy aroma. You can explore more about Dordogne Vineyards Here.


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