How I got started Photography

Some people say, that to capture weddings – is a boring thing. Some photographers, that are not capturing weddings, even despite our work, say that this is very commercial and client-oriented, and is not even artwork. But I do not agree with them, because every work, every artwork has some unique experience. Being a wedding photographer you are developing your skills at a lot of different ways. You become a creative artist, a traveler, you get new connections, meet new people, have a lot of fun and huge emotional baggage as well as you become a good businessman, but I would put this one on the last step, because my goal is human relationships first.

How I got started Photography

Become a Wedding Photographer

From the beginning of my life, I have always wanted to make something creative. As a normal kid, I went to the dance classes and later after I ended my school, I became a dance teacher in a small group. World of art and travel was in my heart, with the dance classes we travelled a lot around Europe. The beauty of each city inspired me to explore the new ways of art. Of course, as a girl – the wedding was in my head from the childhood.

I remember I worked as a top manager in the clothing store, but I felt that I was doing the wrong thing. It was a good job and it definitely helped me to get my first camera and after that moment I started to capture everything – nature, people, friends, life. My camera was with me 8 hours per day.

How I got started Photography

After a while, I realized that the most important for me are people and their emotions. How they look at each other, how become sad, how make jokes, how feel life and hug each other. After I put all those emotions together I realized that the wedding is the right direction in the art of photography for me.

How I got started Photography
First Wedding Experience
My first wedding, that I captured for my friends, was a small and cozy wedding with around twenty people on it. Mostly I remember the moment of the ceremony, when they got congratulations from the parents and the bride started to cry and I felt almost the same, but I realized that this is the most touching moment for the bride and I continued to capture her and people around, that were so happy. I understood the power of wedding at that moment and the fact that it is not necessary to get shy to get closer to get the picture, because only then the emotions will live forever. It was almost 7 years ago.
How I got started Photography
When people ask me about wedding photography and where I get inspiration, I tell them that I am inspired by every way of art, except for other wedding photographers. All weddings are different, but have the same scenario. So if you are wedding photographer, you need to look for the inspiration from other styles. I love fashion and advertising photography as well as a picture of famous artist, like Rembrandt, that give you portrait ideas of how to use the light conditions for the brides morning. I like the combination of fashion and reportage photography on the wedding, and I try to do the same.
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