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How many photographers should be at a wedding?

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Brides keep asking me all the time “Do I need one or two wedding photographers at our wedding?” Let's have a look at it from the photographer perspective.

As you have already noted while looking at different wedding photographers packages you have a chance to choose whether you want to have the second shooter on your wedding day. But don't get confused, sometimes photographers propose you to have the photographer assistant rather than the second photographer. Photographer assistant usually means that you have not the second shooter, but the person who helps your photographer during the day and may capture some of the moments too.

But in this article, I will tell you about a full-time second photographer and help you to make a difficult decision of how many photographers should be at your wedding.

Let’s figure out the advantage of the second photographer for different parts of the wedding day.

Bridal & Groom morning.

groom morning preparation

Usually, bridal preparation starts separately from the groom. It is good if you have the same hotel and just different rooms, then one photographer can make a great job, but what if you are based in different hotels? Then you definitely need to have a second photographer. Yes, guys also love to take pictures, even if they say they don’t. While the main photographer will be with the bride, the second one can take portraits of the groom and his friends or family with nice natural lighting, that will take a great place at your wedding photo story.

First look - two photographers will be the key to capture the entire picture

The first look is a very intimate and personal moment with real emotions, that you can not repeat. Having two photographers gives the ability to capture it from different angles, showcasing both the bride and groom’s reactions.

At the Wedding Ceremony.

Wedding moves quickly, and from two cameras, you will have two perspectives on everything. It works on the wedding ceremony as you can have one photographer at the front and one at the back.

wedding at church
wedding at church
During the ceremony, my second shooter Alex is capturing the overall view from the top, while I am in the front getting close shots of the couple.

Reception and Dinner Time.

While the main shooter is doing photos of bride and groom or the family, the second shooter can get more candid shots of your guests during the reception as well as overall shots of the reception venue.

Multiple photographers are prepared for unpredictable situations at the wedding dinner, like a guest taking groom and jumping with him in a fun way.

There are also disadvantages of having two wedding photographers.

If you have a small wedding (around 20 people) two photographers can be hard for your guests. This doesn't have to be a problem but people can feel uncomfortable as there will be too much focus on each guest. A second photographer may mean an additional cost on your budget. You need to decide if it is in your budget. You can check my prices for the second photographer.

The decision can be made by the number of guests.

On a small wedding, I usually work as a solo photographer, I am always very happy working on my own. Big experience has developed me as a photographer guru and I can cover everything what happens on your wedding day alone as much as possible. But if you are expecting more the 80 guests it can be hard to be with everyone and I suggest to have a second photographer.

second photographer

Who is the second shooter?

My second photographer is my boyfriend and a very creative person. He is doing commercial videography as well as commercial photography, so he has a good eye for this. I can easily recommend him and put him for shooting groom preparation separately from me.

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