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paris photography guide

Paris Photography Guide

Travel to Paris or live there? Get the top tips & ideas for your Paris photo session from my personal experience that is tested during the time. I fall in love with this city, architecture, the speed of life and of course with a wine and food from my first visit in 2014. I use to have a lot of hours spent by exploring the city from photographer perspective and want to share it with you!

On the personal side, I write photography guide because, well, I really enjoy the topic, but there is another reason - when it comes to Paris photo session, either you book me as your photographer or not, I want you to look as in Vogue and I am sure you will find something useful and explore something new that you did not know before!

01. Wedding in Paris

Make your wedding photos unforgettable in the style of Parisian fashion houses. Even if you have a full day wedding or just elope to Paris, you need to know a few things that help you to get a gorgeous pictures of your most important day in the life.

paris elopement
paris pre-wedding

02. Paris pre-wedding

Traveling to Paris for your pre-wedding photo session is a very exciting event, but before your photo session begins, here are some tips that help you to make it best in your life!

03. Where to take photos in Paris

Cozy streets and romantic architecture of every period from the Middle Ages awarded Paris as the most photographed city in the world and I want to show you them all!

couple in Parisian cafe
Paris proposal

04. The Best time to take photos in Paris

Considering when it is the best time to take Paris photos? One of the most important things in the art of photography is the light and you need to make an important decision before booking photoshoot - to choose the best time for your Paris photo session.

05. What to wear for the Paris photo session?

The second important thing - is what you should wear for your photo session. Everybody wants to look amazing on their pictures and here are some tips on how to choose your outfit and look like the Paris model.

women portrait at trocadero square in paris
Paris photographer

Looking for photographer in Paris?

I’m one of the lucky ones. I spend my time seeing the world while taking part in the most miraculous moments of people’s lives. I will go anywhere to document your big day.

I’m an artist who creates beautiful and romantic portraiture, and I’m committed to my art and every client’s individuality.