The Best time to take photos in Paris

When is the best time of the day to take photos in Paris? What is the ideal weather conditions? Photography is all about light. The light is everything and to say more clear – it is more about the quality of the light. This can be a challenge for your Paris photo session to find the best time of the day that fits the location that you choose before. When the light conditions, weather, and location are working in cooperation together, the results can be awesome.

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But there are some other points to note for your photo session in Paris – how busy your location is. It’s not a secret that Paris is one of the most visited places in the world and the amount of tourists coming from year to year are growing. Thanks to Parisian architecture, the wide streets give you the ability to play around with location even if it’s the most popular season and you can find a place to take pictures. However, for the most popular locations, I recommend going in the early morning to avoid the crowd at your pictures.

Sunrise Photosession

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Well, it is the most beautiful time of the day for your photo session in busy city. The light conditions are cooperating with the location and your images will be gorgeous. Sunrise in Paris starting around 5:30 AM in the summertime and around 8.45 AM in the winter. There are a lot of benefits but there are also some cons with the sunrise photo session:

  • Wake up early. You need to wake up at least 2 hours before photo session, so you can fix your makeup, hairstyle and get to the location in advance.
  • Can be hard to visit a few locations, so it is possible to choose only one location and then move to another one to morning light photo session.

What are the best locations to take sunrise photo session in Paris?

  • Trocadero
  • Louvre Museum

You can simply check Sunrise & Sunset time in Paris, by searching in google “Sunrise or Sunset time in Paris”

Morning Photosession

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If you don’t like to wake up early, you can make your photo session in the late morning. It can be scheduled around 9 AM. At this time, the sun is already shining bright and the city becomes busy, but still, you can do photos on famous spots in Paris. It will be not possible to make gorgeous wide shots at Trocadero but it is still possible to have some good pictures from this spot. So the drawbacks of late morning photo session are:

– The city becomes more crowded.
– The sun is strong, that will give you a bit hard light conditions.

What are the best locations to take late morning photo session in Paris?

  • Bir-Hakeim Bridge
  • Parisian cafe
  • Rue de l’Université
  • Parisian Gardens

Sunset & Night photo session

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My favorite light conditions are just two hours before sunset. It gives you the ability to capture a warm picture with the beautiful texture of the sky. In the summer you will find the longest golden hours and it is the best time to have your Paris photo session at hidden spots. After the golden hour, you can move to your night photo session in Paris and visit the most popular location at night. They are a lot of benefits of sunset and night time. People starting to go for dinner, some locations became pretty empty because of working hours (such a Louvre museum) and you can enjoy your photo session.

What are the best locations to take sunset and night photo session in Paris??

  • Montmartre
  • Paris streets
  • Louvre at night time
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