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The Top 5 Dream Wedding Venues In Prague

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Wedding venues in Prague are of course, as numerous as they are wonderful. Some truly amazing locations will be the backdrop to inspire your dream wedding.

I have been asked as a Prague wedding photographer to choose our top 5 locations and, to share it with you. There are so many places that are so deliciously desirable locations for delightful and memorable weddings that this was a tough assignment.

But, there had to be winners and so, here goes.

1.Vrtba Garden

vrtba gardens wedding

Vrtba Garden is one of Europe's most splendid terrace gardens in the Baroque style. Walking through the archway adorned with the God Hercules is like entering a different world.

Designed in the Italian style between 1715 and 1720 by Maximilián Kaňka, who was from Prague itself. He achieved the improbable by converting a closed in little plot into a flamboyant, energetic and inspiring space.

Below there is a pond charmingly finished with a cherub riding a sea monster, an aviary and a stunning Sala Terrena is a lovely place for wedding photographs. The trompe l’oeils terraces house sculptures representing the gods of Olympus at each level.

You simply must go all the way up to the gazebo that commands the garden; inspired by the realms under the sea with shells, various deities of the sea and seductive mermaids. The reward is the dazzling view, of the Malà Strana.

2.Troja Castle

wedding at troja castle

A grandiose 17th C chateau, with French gardens, Baroque sculptures, vaulted ceilings and an illusionist mural in the Grand Hall.

The chateau's horse-shoe staircase is fairy tale splendid. Statues of the Gods of Olympus victory over the Titans. Baroque figures adorn both wings of the stairs, while the balustrades show two of the giants in combat.

The Grand Hall is, without doubt, the highlight of the chateau. The room is a celebration of the Hapsburg Dynasty, frescoes adorn the ceiling with scenes of Emperor Leopold I's victory over the Turks. This is the Austro-Hungarian empire at its full glory.

3.Villa Richter

couple stayin with view from villa richter

Villa Richter, a Classicist monument from the year 1832 located in the Chotkovy Park. The St Wenceslas vineyard surrounds the villa. This vineyard is the oldest in Bohemia.

Stunning views of Prague romantically enhance your dinings pleasure in the three restaurants.

4.Havlíček Gardens.

lovely couple at havlicek gardens

This Italian Renaissance style park, with fountains, water cascades, lakes, pavilions, statues and a gorgeous grotto also has far-reaching and awe-inspiring views of the City below.

There is a Gazebo in the Vineyard with within vast vineyards. There is also the Grébovka Pavilion garden café. Here there is a replica of the original ancient bowling alley from the 19th C.

5.Ledeburg Gardens

bride and groom walking at ledeburg gardens

The garden is divided into two parts. The first one consists of a parterre with ornamental Salla Terrene; attributed to František Maxmilián Kaňka in the 18th C. The interior of the Sala Terrena is decorated with murals depicting ancient mythology and scenes from the excavation in Pompeii by V. V. Reiner. The whole place is a perfect spot for concerts and other social events.

Up the steps, we can enter into the second terraced part of the garden. There is an open-air, single floor, five-sided pavilion on the topmost terrace providing a wonderful view over the Lesser Town. There is also a passage through to the neighbourhood’s Small Palffy Garden.

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