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Pre Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding Photography

What is Pre-wedding Photography?

Pre wedding photography is a very new and fresh trend that comes from Asia. This session is a moment in time where the couple will enjoy the enchantment before the picture marathon on the real wedding. This is a great way to be comfortable facing the camera. The pre-wedding moments are romantic times for the couples. This is a rare moment where you can see them reminiscing the initial chemistry they have and relive this spark. Pre-wedding shoot is a great way to create memories and share it on the wedding day with close friends and family.

The pre-wedding shoot is the best chance for the bride and groom and the photographer to bond, and establish a relationship in a low-pressure situation. The couple can overcome their fears rehearsing in front of the camera. This is also the chance for the couple to get to know the shooting style and the little quirks of the photographer. A great pre-wedding photo will tell you the couple’s story and their emotions as captures by the lens.

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Pre-Wedding, Love Story and Engagement Photography, What is the Difference?

When you discussed with a photographer a forthcoming photo shoot before your wedding, you may notice that there are different types of photography on their menu. Among their services are pre-wedding photography, engagement photography and love story photography. So what is the difference between the three? All of them take place before the actual wedding, but each of them has their style and purpose.

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Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.
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Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography is usually more casual and laid back. The couple will most likely be on their everyday clothes as compared to their wedding get up. The location can happen anywhere, and photos are taken in a relaxing but intimate setting. The goal for this type of photography is to capture the excitement and love between the couple, and this is a private and informal photo shoot.

Pre-Wedding Photography

This type of photography happens days before the wedding. In many concepts, the couple would dress up in their wedding attire, but the now trend is to wear a different set of attire or another wedding dress. Pre-wedding photography is the best because it can capture photos solely of the couple. The vibe is more formal than engagement photos; it can be stylized and be more artistic than the traditional wedding photos.

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Love Story Photography

The photographer is a storyteller, even more so in a love story photography. This photo session is also done before the wedding, and the concept can be informal or formal. The challenge for the photographer is to recreate the moments when the couple fell in love. It can be fun, exciting and nostalgic for the couple and sometimes can be a bit overwhelming.

Spots Ideas for your Photosession


Selecting the streets of a bustling city is the perfect backdrop for a romantic, poignant and attractive location for a pre-wedding shoot. A couple all dress up to the nines in the most romantic streets of Paris in the early morning to capture the beautiful sunrise is sight to see. This time the roads would not be busy, and they can have the street all to yourself.

pre wedding at prague streets
pre wedding in prague garden

Parks and Gardens

Paris is a beautiful location for an intimate and romantic pre-wedding shoot. The parks and gardens along the banks of the river Seine, or with Eiffel Tower in the background or the little gardens less formal Tuileries and Luxembourg.

In Prague, Letna Park offers a perfect backdrop for its magnificent panorama of the city. Nothing can be more romantic than a quiet green park with large old trees. Another option is the gardens at Mala Strana; these are green oases in the city and couples can have romantic photos capturing the beauty of their surroundings.

Tourist Hotspots

A beautiful city like Prague is known for its thousand spires and the fusion of attractive and preserved historical structures that dates back from way back. This is a perfect background for a great pre-wedding shot. Tourist hotspots are a common location but never gets old when the concept is right.

pre wedding charles bridge view
pre wedding parisian cafe


Having to feature the couple’s favorite place to hang out is one of the most sentimental and significant things that a couple can do for their pre-wedding photo shoot. The theme will be fun and nostalgic, and with the cooperation of the manager, it can be a successful venture.

Places with View

Another beautiful location for pre-wedding photos is at Prague Castle, which is the largest ancient castle. There are many other iconic sights in Prague like the St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George Basilica, Old Royal Palace many more spectacular locations with views. The couple will feel like a royal having their photos taken in these magnificent grounds.

If Paris is your choice, the Trocadero is the best location for pre-wedding shots. The best time will be at sunrise and late in the evening. In the summer, the sunlight is beautiful in the morning with the sun rising in the left-hand side and facing the Eiffel Tower.

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Preparation for a Great Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

It may seem effortless and straightforward, but a great pre-wedding photo shoot is not easy. A successful session should be well planned and well executed, as it will last memory of a lifetime; some things need to be considered.

Do a good research

The most critical step in getting a beautiful pre-wedding shoot. The couple or at least one of them should do proper research on concept, location, wardrobe, and photographer. These factors are of equal importance and should be taken careful consideration.

When the couple has decided on the concept, the theme, wardrobe and the location will fall into place. All the photographer has to do is to show the couple some samples of other pre-wedding photos for the couple have an inspiration. The photographer’s style and your budget will make that concept work.

Plan your concept

It is essential for the couple to have total control of the shot. In fact, the photographer is only the director, the idea and the script should come from the couple. Planning is essential to create unique and personal photos. You can browse through some pre-wedding pictures and take notes. It is also important to allocate a part of your wedding budget for this photoshoot. You can also discuss with your photographer for recommendations about the concept and places for the shoot.

Pick up the right time for the shoot

When it is about timing, there are things to consider. The photo shoot has to be at the right time, a date that is not too far or too close to the wedding day because the photographer needs to edit the pictures. If the schedule is too far from the wedding day, the guests will not see the excitement on the photos.

On the day of the photo shoot, the time of the day should also be right. The photographer can determine, which one works best especially for the outdoor shoot. He needs the perfect lighting for the shoot as it can contribute to the feel and vibe of the pictures.

Be prepared and come on time

When the time comes for the shoot, you should be prepared and have to go on time. The photographer has his scheduled blocked for you, and you should be at the location on time. You should also remember that the photographer has to catch the perfect sunlight for the pre-wedding photo shoot. When the couple comes on time, it will help them calm and relaxed; this will be great in the photos.

Coming on time is also the most natural thing that a couple can do. It will also be better to bring an emergency kit containing hairpins, makeup and a mini bag for sewing wardrobe malfunctions. This will come in handy when the time comes.

Meet Dina. Your Pre-Wedding Photographer.

When you are looking for a photographer that will take your pre-wedding photos in exotic locations like Paris and Prague, Dina is your photographer. Her photos can portray the beauty of romance in the straightforward and highly stylized fashion leaving a dreamy feeling. The result – pre-wedding shots that can combine the use of natural light and modern flash photography to give the photos the best.

If your vision for your pre-wedding photos are the ones captured in an artistic style and yet still retain its authenticity, Dina can do them for you.

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