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Looking to get married at Como Lake? 

Villa Regina Teodolinda Wedding

A special day that we celebrate with all our friends and family is very important in our lives. Lake Como is the most extraordinary place for your dream event and will create memories that you never forget. Beautiful views, warm sunsets, luxurious villas and much more … this is all about Como. Lake Como is very trendy idea, so make sure to book a venue and all vendors in advance. I will be happy to capture that day, truly emotions, that will last forever.

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Villa Regina Teodolinda Wedding
Lake Como Wedding
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A destination wedding is alway more than just a big day. I am shooting weddings around Italy, France and Como lake.
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Villa Regina Teodolinda Wedding

Let’s talk about your dream event!

    The Best Romantic Wedding Destination

    If you are looking for lakeside wedding, Lake Como is the best wedding destination. The most beautiful atmosphere giving by the mountains that are around the lake with beautiful villas. Lake Como is not only about the beautiful nature, but also about the people, hospitality, very tasty food and a lot of different wine. The vibe that you will have on your wedding, impossible to compare to any other destination in Europe.

    My Villa Selection for Lake Como Wedding

    I has been shooting different weddings around the Europe and some of them was at Como lake. Here are the list:

    1. Villa Regina Teodolinda – I have been on the wedding at this villa in August last year. We spend beautiful 3 days with pre-party with pizza and wonderful wedding day with outside ceremony and short boat trip. You can see wedding here
    2. Villa Giulia Ristorante Al Terrazzo
    3. Villa De E’ste – Lake Como
    4. Villa Bonomi – small and cozy villa at Como lake.
    5. Villa Pizzo – a beautiful lake side villa.

    It’s just some of my preferences. If you are looking for wedding at Como Lake, write me a message and I will be happy to capture your day!

    Lake Como Photographer

    Lake Como is a popular destination for wedding photography. With its scenic views and romantic atmosphere, it makes for the perfect backdrop. It is also an excellent location to take photos of the bride and groom before the ceremony.

    Top Spots at lake Como for photo session: 

    • Bellagio
    • Villa la Cassinella
    • Varena
    • Villa Melzi
    • Civera Bridge
    • Photos from the boat (anywhere)
    • Brienno
    • Como lakeside
    • Villa Carlotta

    Make sure to book your photographer in advance!

    Lake Como Wedding

    A few advices from a Wedding Photographer!

    There’s nothing stopping you from having your dream lake wedding, but there are a few things to bear in mind. Getting to Lake Como isn’t easy – It can take a long time. Once you get there, it will also be hard to move around if you want to get away from the most popular places. There is only one road that goes around the whole lake – so driving will often take a lot of time, so when selecting your wedding venue, you might want to think about the transport.

    Lake Como wedding venues that overlook the water should be booked early, so make sure you do your research and start planning for your big day one to two years in advance.

    I’m a Lake Como photographer and I love witnessing the most important day of your lives. From the pre-wedding preparations all the way to the final hour of your celebrations, which is why I want to be there for every moment.