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Wedding in France

Wedding in France - Stefania & Rodolphe

Stefania & Rodolphe

I am so thrilled to be sharing these images. I am so proud to be a photographer at Stefania and Rodolphe wedding.

The morning was spent apart. Rodolphe was at his parents’ chateau getting ready with close friends and family. Stefania and her ladies was preparing with champagne and great Latin dancing. Her Italian soul gave this morning very emotional spirit and a lot of smiles.

Then we met in a small church at Valentigney town near Montbeliard. The day was about the two of them celebrating with their hundred closest family and friends. Two lovely people in love.

Wedding Photography in France

From 2017 I started to travel to France very often and as a result, I became wine and French cheese lover! I do around 5 to 10 wedding in France during the season in different parts of the country.

bride and groom wallking on the french style chateau background
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getting ready
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bride and bridesmates portrait
mens suit during the groom preparation
best mates getting ready for wedding
best mate helping groom to fix his shirt
men smiling
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men getting ready for his wedding
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couple arrive to the church
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kids before the wedding ceremony
father walking into the church with his daughter
photo from the top in the church during the wedding ceremony
guests in the church at the wedding
guest reading their text
wedding in french church
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bride and groom in the church during the wedding in france
putting the ring on the findger
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"Dina is an amazing photographer!!! She made the pictures during our wedding and they look amazing. It's like she has a third sense to capture all the interesting moments that are taking place."
Bart Huys, Belgium
"Thank you Dina! An absolutely unforgettable day to remember your photos forever. Absolutely perfect pictures - the emotional photos at the registry office a perfect job! With joke and verve, to be a model on your own wedding was really fun;) Thanks again - highly recommended !!! Great Job !!"
Nina und Michael, Germany
"Dina is super recommended!!! Since the first conversation till the final result of the pic she was great!! Dina was very helpful with all our questions and requests. Her warm attitude and good energies made us feel comfortable infront of the camera."
Danielle Kochavi Aharonov, Israel
"The pictures Dina has taken me have been exclusive and professionally executed, so very satisfied! I will definitely hire her for future photos and wedding photos. Awesome photographer!"
Melinda Rocabado, Sweden
"We spent a very happy portrait session with Dina. She is very patient and answered every question efficiently before the booking. She showed us around the famous spot and take gorgeous pictures. She taught us how to pose in the best way and make it look natural..."
Yanghua, China
"Really really awesome pre-wedding photo shoot experience with Dina! She's very professional as a photographer and her warm personality just makes you feel comfortable right from the beginning till end was amazing!..."
Gerald, Australia
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