Berlin is a special city – with a very difficult story

In May 1945, the USSR banner was raised above the Reichstag after the most bloody war in history and fascism was defeated. The inscriptions of soldiers were left on the walls of the building, many of which have been preserved to this day during the restoration.

For 28 years, the city was cut by the Berlin Wall, which divided it into two states and two systems. Today, the Shameful Wall has become the brightest and most unique attraction. The East Side Gallery is known as the world’s largest open-air art gallery. A section of the wall with a length of 1316 meters was painted after its fall in 1990. On the wall are 106 works dedicated to the unification of Berlin and events in Germany in 89-90. To this day, the Gallery reflects those hopes, feelings, overwhelming joy and spirit of freedom that have swept people after the fall of the Berlin Wall. One of the most famous works is the graffiti of the Russian artist Dmitry Vrubel “Lord! Help me survive among this mortal love”, which depicts a kiss of the former Secretary-General of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev and the head of the German Democratic Republic Erich Honecker.

Despite the difficult history and enormous destruction of World War II, an amazing atmosphere of combining the history of medieval, new and modern has formed in Berlin.

What to do in Berlin?

Main attractions are concentrated in the center of the city: the Brandenburg Gate – a symbol of a reunited country, the Reichstag – a well-known building built more than a century ago, which is currently the current meeting place of the German Bundestag; anyone can visit it, having previously registered online. Berlin Cathedral, closely connected with the history of Germany and the imperial dynasty of the Hohenzollern, Red Town Hall, Alexanderplatz square, Nikolaevsky quarter – the oldest settlement in Berlin, and of course, the famous island of museums. Since 1999, the Museum Island of Berlin has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In general, there are more than 130 museums in Berlin, so there is where to go and what to see, well, … for example, a museum of computer games or a museum of espionage …

At first glance, Berlin gives the impression of a gray, faceless city, but in reality – it is dynamic and incredibly multifaceted! The symbol of Berlin is a bear. The bear is not only immortalized as a symbol of city power on the seals, coat of arms and flag, but it has also become part of the life of the city. Since June 20, 2001, multi-colored two-meter figures stand in different places of the city – on their hind legs, on all four, and even upside down. In 2002, special bears appeared – the “Commonwealth of the Bears of Buddy”. Each bear is a representative of one of 150 UN countries. The image of each bear reflects the nature of the country, its history, and features. They call for tolerance, peaceful coexistence of peoples and ask people to get to know each other better so that there are more understanding and trust on Earth. Bears are exhibited in different countries not only for the entertainment of curious tourists but also for the purpose of charity. It’s hard to believe, but over the entire existence of the United Buddy Bears bear series, more than 2 million Euros have been raised with their help to help needy children.

Berlin is a very amazing city, and it’s normal to be abnormal in it, it opens each time on the other side.

Berlin is the most club and party metropolis in Europe, where young people can walk the night away.

They say that the beginning of this was laid at the time when the Berlin Wall was destroyed, but they still don’t stop. Berlin youth on Friday falls go into the most unusual clubs, and returns on Monday morning. The clubs are incredible. If you want to dance alone, you can visit the disco booth or, if you want something sharp, then visit the most shameless club “Insomnia”. Many entrepreneurial guys rent their apartment for the weekend. And on Monday, everyone again becomes exemplary employees, caring parents, creative businessmen …

People from Berlin are very fond of oddities. Walking around the city, you can see the building of a fashion boutique, which later turns out to be a toilet, or a snack bar in a former public toilet. Yes, you heard right! Here you can buy the most delicious burgers in Berlin.

Also, be sure to try the most popular Berlin fast food, invented at one time by the adventurous German Hertha Hoyver – currywurst – fried sausage with tomato paste and curry sauce. Well, oh, very tasty!
Berlin is just a paradise for meat-eaters, you can enjoy all kinds of meat prepared for every taste: stewed, steamed, fried, deep-fried and not only, which is always served with sauerkraut and drink beer from a variety of varieties presented! A very unusual dish is the Hackepeter snack – a sandwich with raw minced meat. For this dish, raw egg and spices are added to the minced meat; it does not undergo any heat treatment. A classic addition to this unusual dish are pickled cucumbers and fresh onions.

Among the popular national sweets are “Berliners” – ruddy round donuts, which are prepared with the addition of candied fruit, powdered sugar and other ingredients. These unusual donuts have been prepared according to the same recipe from the 18th century. Berliners are an indispensable symbol of all national holidays and festivals, they can be tasted at absolutely all fairs.

Berlin is a strange, unexpected and fun city! It is a must visit!

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