Fashion Photography

Stating a definition of fashion photography is actually quite easier when compared to the other fields in this line of work. Fashion visuals are a subgenre of photography that is solely devoted to showing the features of clothing and fashion items. The main goal is to use these images on advertising campaigns and fashion magazines.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography as a Type of Commercial Photography

Fashion photography is also one of the creative fields that keep evolving. It develops its own aesthetic in accordance to the new trends of clothes being used on each season. It used to be a restrictive field since many fashion photographers used to get their best work in closed studios. These days some of the greatest fashion images of our time have been achieved in exotic locations, as well as projects of street fashion photography.

It’s also one of the most rewarding fields to work as a Photographer, at least when it comes to the money. This type of photography has one of the largest audiences worldwide. An established professional charges thousands of dollars per session. Once their names have been elevated due to their reputation based on their style, they can be in demand pretty much all year. This makes this field one of the most competitive among many photographers across the globe.

Fashion Photography

Short History

To learn more about the origins of fashion photography, we can go back as far as 1856. It was a time for nobles and royalty across Europe. The first person to put out in the open the concept of fashion photography would be a man named Adolph Braun. He published a book with nearly three hundred photographs of Virginia Oldoini, a Countess di Castiglione, who was at the time a Tuscan noble in the court of Napoleon III.

All the photos contained in the book were to show the large wardrobe of the Countess clothed in royal wedding garbs. History regards this woman as the first fashion model. As you can imagine, it wasn’t all about showing the outfits in a state of stiffness. Both the model and the author prepared adequately since it was a passion project for both of them. Each photo achieved the goal of showing each dress in all their glory, and the Countess was more than happy to do so.

It wouldn’t be well into the 20th century that photography would become the norm in many European publications, especially in France. Magazines such as “La Mode Practique” and “Conde Nast” displayed women’s and men’s fashion photo. The gloves were off for the industry when the publisher of the magazines “Jardin des Modes” and “La Gazette du Bon Ton Lucien Vogel” issued a challenge to photographers to promote fashion.

Fashion Photography

The Work of a Fashion Photographer

A fashion photographer is a person tasked with the creation of visuals that display apparel, accessories, and models. The main goal of this professional is to make all these elements look good in a single frame. A fashion photographer usually works as a freelancer or as a hired talent for fashion publications such as magazines, blogs, or agencies. They also work per assignment hired by specific designers, fashion house, or advertising agencies.

He is responsible for the whole production of a session. They should have their own people ready to take care of specific tropes related to their work such as makeup, hair styling, apparel changes, and the lighting. Their role is to make sure that the finished images meet the standards of publication required by their clients. Fashion photographers should have a keen eye for design, and to understand how to highlight their features with a single shot.

This is How Photography Make Brands Stand Out

It is about statements. These images should drive the point home with authority or at least as explicit as it needs to be. The photographers should do everything in their power to direct their models and make them feel confident. It helps a lot to get ahead of the shoot and organize every aspect related to the composition, so everyone will have a clear idea of what is coming in the session.

Fashion photography is all about making brands of clothes stand out and look beautiful. This can be achieved to perfection by having a clear idea of the product being offered. Finding the right model that complements the product is also a plus. Using the right logistics to make the whole equation work without a flinch. The greatest fashion brands in the world are known for being mindful of every single technical aspect related to their image. This is often caretaked by fashion photographers who are always the forefront of these efforts.

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