Why wedding photographers recommend South of France for your destination wedding?

Are you planning to have a destination wedding? If you are still uncertain as to where to hold your wedding to make it memorable and unique, this post could help you decide. According to a post on Theknot, France is included in the list of the top 10 destination wedding locations. Maybe some of you have visited France but never given a chance to check out South of France. You can find here one of the beautiful places on earth. For wedding photographers, this is one of the destination weddings that they would recommend.

South of France Wedding

South of France is a Magical Place on Earth

France is a place full of love. When it comes to romance, this is the best place. It has lovely chateaux, quaint villages, scenic country houses, rolling vineyards and a lot more. There are lots of options in France to make your destination wedding a magical one.

Wedding photographers will not have a hard time taking breathtaking shots as you will be breathless on the beautiful sunset. It is definitely one helluva of a romantic wedding destination to say “I do”. The intimate venues, the amazing sights, the impressive culture, and the culinary delights the place offers are irresistible. Your guests will surely thank you for inviting them to your wedding.

South of France Wedding
South of France Wedding
Jaw Dropping Art and Architecture
Respectful of its history, France is known for its incomparable art and architecture. The country is known for its iconic landmarks all over the world. France is known for an unlimited wealth of galleries, ateliers, hands, and museums on cultural experiences. The museums are known for their Gothics and Romanesque architecture.The Romanesque architecture can be seen on buildings, churches and other old establishments with massive pillars and thick walls. It's because of these breathtaking buildings that make wedding photographers love this place.
South of France Wedding
Great Beaches and Nightlife
St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monte-Carlo, the stretch of the French Riviera to the Italian border is filled with towns that wedding photographers loved for decades. Along with these coasts are small beaches which you should search and check out. Small villages like Villefranche-sur-Mer hold on to the coasts. Some have mildly slanting sandy beaches running from the attractive blue Mediterranean to the conservative French Riviera up to the delightful Menton.

You will have a romantic and unforgettable wedding at the St. Tropez beaches. Get mesmerized with the lovely shore, mega yachts of the rich and famous and those beautiful bodies sunbathing. Saying “I do’s” in this dreamy beaches is memorable and unforgettable. Cannes is a resort town that is popular for its international film festival. It is surrounded by sandy beaches, palatial hotels, and upmarket boutiques. Nice is the 5th largest city in France with long esplanades and big squares.

If you are having your destination wedding in the South of France, you will never run out of great places to check out.

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