17 tips to help a bride prepare for wedding

Most brides would hire a wedding planner to help them plan their wedding. But if you are on a tight budget, you need to find a way to plan your wedding without getting the service of a professional. You need to prepare yourself as it will require a lot of work, but you can plan your own wedding. Keeping everything organized is the secret for a successful wedding. You have to make important decisions, meet deadlines, and complete the list required. Give yourself enough time to prepare for a wedding.

Tips for the Bride

If one of the main reasons you are planning your wedding on your own is your budget, you have to finalize it first before you proceed to other things. Some of your friends or family members may want to share a certain amount to help you with your budget. It is best to meet with them and determine the amount they will contribute so you will know how much can you spend on your wedding.

Some couples think that it is impossible for them to have their dream wedding because they do not have enough money. You can have your dream wedding if you just focus on what is important and give less attention to what is not.

Tips for the Bride
Your Priority List
Discuss with your fiancé and list down the most important aspects of your wedding that you need to focus on. Prioritize on these things and sacrifice on the rest. If you do this, you will not have any problem with your budget.
Tips for the Bride
Create a Moodboard
You might get overwhelmed when searching for inspiration. Creating a mood board is a good tool to make sure you are on track and focus on your original vision. Thru this, you can communicate with your suppliers like the florists clearly.
Tips for the Bride
Focus On Your Budget
Make sure you will not go overboard your budget. Your planning will depend on the amount of money you can spend. If you will be getting some of your budgets from your friends or relatives, it is best to talk to them and collect the money at the earliest time. In case you and your partner will be shouldering all the expenses on your wedding; it is best to check on your finances first.
Tips for the Bride
Make a Personal Touch to Your Day
One way of making your wedding day memorable not just for you and your partner but also to your guests is by adding a personal touch. Decide which part of your life you want to share with your guests. Then choose a creative favor within the theme.
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Work as a Team with Your Second Half
Don’t stress yourself out! You are not alone in planning, work with your partner. Planning a wedding is much easier and fun if you do it with your other half.
Tips for the Bride
Destination wedding or Local one?
This will depend on the number of guests, type of wedding and on your budget. A destination wedding is recommended if you are on a tight budget, limited guests and want an intimate wedding. Local wedding is best for couples with a huge number of guests and for those who can afford an extravagant wedding.
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Tips for the Bride
Choose a Venue
In choosing the venue there are things you need to consider. Again your budget is the first thing you need to consider. Other factors you should focus on when deciding on the venue are the number of guests, the accessibility of the location, and your venue should be aligned with your theme.
Tips for the Bride
Make a Checklist
Your checklist can be broken down by the days, weeks or months. There are lots of examples you can find online that you can use for your wedding.
Tips for the Bride
Don’t Rush with Decisions
Some of the important decisions you need to make are when booking for a wedding photographer, florist, food and venue. Weigh all your options first and then decide. You can ask for some opinions from your friends or relatives.
Tips for the Bride
Set a Time frame
Maybe you have attended a wedding in France or a wedding in Austria and you love it that you want to apply it to your own wedding. Assess if it is possible for you. Choose the best dates for your wedding make sure you will have enough time to book for a venue and find other vendors.
Tips for the Bride
Create a Guest List
In creating the guest list, you have to do it with your fiancé and family around. If you cannot afford to get a big venue to accommodate all your guests, you have to make some cuts. Some of your guests may need to bring a companion so you have to decide who will be given an additional pass.
Tips for the Bride
Talk to Other Newly Married Couples
You can get helpful ideas from your friends who recently got married. Ask them all the questions you have in mind. They are your best and reliable source when it comes to planning your wedding.
Tips for the Bride
Use Vendors You are Comfortable With
Your team should be composed of a team of individuals that you are comfortable to work with. Your vision and theirs should meet so you will not have a problem along the way. Choose someone who welcomes you and makes you a part of the planning team and not just a client.
Tips for the Bride
Read Contracts Carefully
Spend time to read every contract before signing it. Check on the details. Make sure it contains everything you have agreed upon with the vendors. Payment, date and time of event, cancellation policies and even small details matter.
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Tips for the Bride
Take Time between Wedding and Honeymoon
It is best to plan your honeymoon weeks after your wedding. Planning a wedding is not just time-consuming but very expensive as well. It is best that you take some time off between your wedding and honeymoon. This will give you enough time to save up and set a budget for your honeymoon. It is best that you focus on your wedding first.
Tips for the Bride
Create an Event Schedule
Your wedding program should go smoothly. Schedule the time of vendors arrival, to the start of the ceremony, to the first dance, to the throwing of the bride’s bouquet, etc. Don’t forget to give a copy to the emcee, maid of honor, photographers and others that plays a vital role in the event.
Tips for the Bride
Say Thanks to Everybody and Have Fun
The best way to show gratitude to those who have helped you during the planning process, guests, relatives, and friends who have joined you on this special day is to prepare small gifts for them. It could be anything a thank you card, an item useful to them or something cute but memorable. There are lots of ideas you can get online. But most of all don’t forget to thank your parents. If not for them you would not be alive and experiencing the best time in your life.

Savor the moment, enjoy and have fun! This is a once in a lifetime event so make sure it will be a memorable one. And don’t forget that you need the best wedding photographer.

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