South of France Wedding
South of France Wedding

Christina & Emil

Wedding at Saint Paul de Vence

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    Saint Paul De Vence, South of France

    If you’re going to France, make your way to Saint-Paul de Vence! The old town looks like a giant nest that’s just a short drive away. It’s worth seeing the artistic Mecca while you’re there and catching a glimpse of Gombrowicz’s final resting place as well. The old town of Saint-Paul de Vence is located on a hill, offering views of the region’s other small towns which is make this city perfect for a wedding photography. Also, Hollywood veterans have been staying in our village, like Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, and Catherine Deneuve.

    St Paul De Vence Wedding Photography

    St. Paul-De-Vence is an amazing town and photographing a wedding there is something I’ve always wanted to do!