wedding at Chateau du Puits es Pratx

Lauren and Matthew

Chateau Du Puits es Pratx Wedding

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    Chateau du Puits Es Pratx

    The chateau is a beautiful venue for a wedding. It is located in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, in France, just 30 minutes to drive from Narbonne. The chateau has been renovated and restored to its original beauty and It has been turned into a luxury hotel with an exclusive restaurant and conference facilities. The Chateau can accommodate up to 50 people, and you’ll be able to find other lodging nearby.

    Wedding in house party-style

    Château du Puits es Pratx is the perfect venue for laid-back, house party-style weddings because it offers all the amenities that one would need for their big day. For the wedding, you could get married by the vineyards or on the backyard of the chateau. Walk your guests for the outside dinner to the courtyard that is lit up with fairy lights and has a gorgeous fountain in it. For the dance you could give some more attention to your guests by hosting it’s inside the barn using its wine bar.

    Photograhy Locations

    The vineyards and wheat fields are just opposite the Chateau, offering a picturesque backdrop for some couple photos.  Oh! And don’t forget to take some when the sun’s going down too, because it makes for spectacular photo opportunities.