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Wedding At Chateau De Robernier

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    Château de Robernier

    The Château de Robernier is a perfect place for couples who want to have their wedding in France. It offers an intimate setting with plenty of space for guests, as well as stunning views of the surrounding countryside. With its breathtaking views and proximity to St. Tropez, it’s no wonder that Chateau de Robernier is one of the most desirable wedding venues in France. Chateau spacious luxury accommodation for all your overnight guests located right on-site.

    Chateau de Robenier is a winery with its own wine label. The wine from the vineyards of Château de Robernier has been given an excellent rating and will be perfect wine for your wedding day. They produce red, white and rose wines.

    South of France Wedding

    I can’t start to explain how romantic France is and how beautiful the locations are and that I love that you’re considering France for your big day! The region has a lot to offer in terms of wedding venues, from the more traditional chateau wedding as Chateau de Robernier to the more modern beach wedding.

    A chateau wedding in the South of France will give you all the fairytale vibes with its gardens, fountains and rose-covered arches. Don’t hesitate to contact me and talk about your dream event!