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I like to communicate with people and I think, that communication is the key to success in wedding photography. So whenever you have a question, I would love to answer it and would be happy to chat with you in order to give you some tips, ideas and everything I know. Even to meet you for a cup of coffee, just to talk about different things, but for a better understanding of what I am doing and how, I provide some answer to questions, that people usually ask me with next topics:

– Before your shooting day
– At the photosession day
– For weddings
– After photosession

Before your shooting day.

What dates are available?

This is the first question I usually get. To check the date you can simply contact me or submit a form by pressing “Check your date” button on the website. Please, share as much information as you have about your photo shooting ideas or your wedding day. The more information you share with me, the better I can help you.

Are you available for photosessions around Europe?

Yes! I am mostly working as destination engagement and wedding photographer. My top destinations are Prague, Paris and all France, Austria, Sweden, and Italy.

During the season I usually live in one of this city, based on early bookings. But feel free to contact me to get an idea of where I am at your date! I am sure, I will be just right there, where you plan your wedding or engagement session.

For the full day weddings, I am available all around Europe, but you have to note that at hot dates you have to reserve your date in advance, but as I said previously, just simply contact me to get an answer!

Can you advise me a makeup artist, hairdresser or florist?

Definitely, I do! I am more than interested in helping you, as I want to be sure, that the makeup does not drip, and the hair does not fall apart and everything has gone smooth. I will advise only those specialists, that I worked before and I truly believe in their professionalism and to which I would have addressed myself without hesitation.

How do we book a date?

Woo! That’s nice and seems like we think in the same way and like the same style of photography. I will be very exciting to meet you! The main rule to reserve a date for engagement or wedding photosession is to sign a contract and make a prepayment of 20%; your balance is due latest on the day of the actual shoot.

Are you making the route before photosession?

Usually yes! I will provide all information you need before the photosession based on time of the year, daytime, your preferences, the current situation in the city center (holidays crowd, renovations, etc.) and many more. We will do a special route with my personal favorite location list.

What if we have places that we prefer or special requests?

It is not a problem at all! I will listen to you and assist with a special route based on your wishes and my experience.

Are you working alone or with the assistant?

I usually work alone, it helps me to make closer relationships with you during the photosession. And it helps you to relax and be yourself. But for the full day wedding with a lot of guests, I prefer to work with my second photographer.

At the photosession day

How many hours of photography coverage do we need?

This is the hardest question that usually appears. It really depends on the type of photosession, time of the year and preferred locations.

For Engagement Photosession (2 – 6 hours)

It depends mostly on you and your energy. My most popular package is 4 hours photosession, on which you can relax and enjoy the day without running. 6 hours pre-wedding photosession may be hard, but also possible if we split the day for morning 3 hours shooting and evening 3 our shooting on sunset.

For Portrait Photosession (1 – 2 hours)

For the portrait session, I prefer to go on not more then two hours. Usually, we use 1 or 2 locations at any time of the day.

For Families with kids (2 hours)

Doing family photoshooting is a great way to create your life album. I have families of whom I am doing a photo every year, as kids are growing and on each photo session, they are different. Choosing one or two locations is a way to experience with the city and I think 2 hours will be enough as kids may be tired and unfocused.

For Wedding (from 4 hours and ill midnight)

From small intimate weddings to large ones, it only depends on you and your special day. If you have a civil or church ceremony and just a cocktail party after, 4 hours will be enough for you. If you want to start from the bridal morning, I would suggest on going for 6 hours coverage minimum. If you have a full day wedding, I have a package of 12h+
What is the best time for photosession?

The best time for photosession is early morning or 1 hour before sunset. Pros of early morning photosession are the nice light condition, empty streets on popular spots, but there is only one con of this, you need to wake up early. But does it really matter? If you want to have the best shots of your life.

For the evening photosession, there is a big plus – you wake up whenever you want and does not feel asleep. But it is not only one, you have also great light conditions and at the same time many people in popular locations. So you have to decide 🙂

For the wedding if you want to spend a wedding day without stress, I suggest to make photosession on the next day or even two days after.

What if it is rain outside?

I can control almost every detail of your photosession except the weather. It can be rain, it may be cold or windy, this is always unpredictable. But there is no reason to get sad. When it’s rainy outside we can change the route a bit to do not get completely wet, we can use the umbrella and power of rain to get dramatic and deep shots.

If there is a possibility in my schedule to move the time of photosession a bit (if we see that the weather become better shortly) – I would definitely go for it!

Do we need transportation during shooting?

If we have photosession around the city then usually no, just having comfortable shoes will be good. But if we decide to make photos in completely different parts of the city, then you have to think about some transportation, or we can have a metro/tram (can be also good pictures) or Uber.

What if I want to cancel or re-schedule day or time?

I understand that sometimes it is hard or even impossible to keep your photosession appointment (visa issue, strikes, health, canceled flights, personal issues, etc). As I turn way any additional inquiries for your time/date after you book a date, I will not refund you (only emergency cases can be refunded) but I will try to reschedule photosession day and time that suits you better.

What if I am a bit late?

Sometimes life can give you surprises in the way, like a traffic jam, canceled tram or closed metro stations. But as you expected your photographer to arrive on time, please try to do not be late too. If you are not sure about traffic conditions on the road or your beauty artist ask to extend time please consider arriving at the meeting spot early.

But even if you are late, I will wait for you, but probably I will not be able to extend the time, as there can be another photo shooting on this day.
We can’t make poses, can you help us with that?

I think that the secret of great photosession is to be natural. I will give you some ideas of posing for sure, but as much you enjoy photosession time, than better the end result will be. Don’t think what people around are thinking about your, be yourself!

At every photosession, there are some moments when you need to have a classic pose, and then I will help you for sure.

Do we need to prepare for photosession?

Good preparation is the key to succeed at photosession day. You have to think about your outfit and I can advise you on this too. Think of professional makeup, this is not a requirement but very common. Think of what you love to do on your photo shooting, eat ice cream, drink coffee, just make fun of each other or to be serious and hug each other.

For weddings

The main thing is that you feel comfortable and enjoy the day.

Do we need to meet before the wedding?

If we are in the same city or I will be in your city before, I would love to have a coffee and talk about different things to learn more about you. But if we are living in the different cities or even continents we can schedule a Skype meeting and have a nice time to talk. Thanks to the new technologies it is so easy!

When do we need to start bridal morning?

I usually prefer to arrive at bridal place 2 hours before she is ready. It is always a lot of friends/family around and just a nice moment to capture. Anyway, after the bride is ready I need to have at least 30 minutes to make a couple of portraits.

Are you taking photos alone?

On the small weddings yes. But if you have a big wedding 60+ guests I suggest hiring my second photographer in additional to do not miss any moment.

Are you available for a wedding worldwide?

I am working mostly as a Destination wedding photographer. Travel is my passion and whenever your wedding is, I will go there. For the wedding outside Europe there may be an extra fee for transportation.
Do you have extra travel or hide costs?

Usually no, my full wedding day packages include any transportation and accommodation fee around Europe.

After Photosession

How many photos do I get?

Depending on your package you will get standard:

– 50 Photos from 2 hours photosession
– 100 photos from 4 hours photosession
-400 Photos for a 8 hours wedding day
-550+ photos for a Full Day wedding

How much time does it takes to make post-production?

Usually, you can get your photos 4 weeks after photosession or wedding day. When the “hot” season starts time can be extended, but I will give you exact terms before your book your photosession day.

How do you make post-production?

I will spend a lot of time with every photo I took, to make it look absolutely stunning. My goal is to edit your photos in the same way as you see it in my previous works. I will not just apply present in your photos, I will do custom edit of each with love. Here is how the photo edit looks like: cropping of composition and adjustment exposure, sharpness, contrast, highlights; skin retouching on all portraits; removing any side objects on your outfit or location whenever easily possible; horizontal and vertical rotation, color, vibrancy, curves and saturation correction.
How can I get my photos?

I will make a shareable link to you, that you can also share with your friends and family. All photos will be in high resolution and available for downloading for one month.

Where can I leave my Review?

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my work. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and it means a lot to me. Think your inner voice and provide as many details as possible.

You can leave a review on my Facebook Page

Do you make Slideshow?

For the full wedding day, I will give you a slideshow with a selection of my favorite shots with favorite music. You can also require a slideshow for any type of photosession!

Do you make albums?

Yes! I even think that a photo album is the best way to make your picture last forever.

Looking for a wedding photographer?

Let’s chat more about your wedding or pre-wedding photosession.

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