What to wear for the Paris photo session

After you decide about the location and time of your photography session, you need to come up with ideas of what to wear. There are simply few most important rules to note:

Paris pre wedding

01. Merge your outfit colors to location and time of the day or season of the year.

Paris pre wedding

Matching colors for your outfit are important. To have to be with the same style as your partner. If he will go for suit, make sure to wear elegant dress. If he decides to go with jeans and a shirt, you can go with skinny dress.

If you making your photo session in cold period of the year, make sure to wear nice, elegant coats with a shirt or dress under it. You can find some inspiration of how to dress in winter at one of my paris proposal photo session.

For the summer, you will definitely have more options to go. If it is elopement or pre-wedding, you can go with elegant wedding dress and suite for him. If you will do a portrait or engagement session, make sure to choose elegant outfit, as what can suits better to Paris architecture?

02. Be yourself and keep it personal.

Paris pre wedding

I want your personality to shine in each shot. Even it is portrait, couple or family photo session, it’s important to give yourself polished look that shows who you are. Don’t overthink with the outfit before the photo session.

03. Don’t forget about accessorize.

Paris pre wedding

Even the smallest accessory can make a huge difference in your look. For a summer photo session in Paris, you can add belt to your dress or necklace. In winter your can add scarf or elegant hat.

04. Shoes is also important.

Paris pre wedding

Most of the people think that shoes are not visible too much during the photo session, but they are wrong. For sure you have to choose your shoes that will be comfortable as Paris photo session locations are far away from each other.

05. A good Mood is everything

Paris pre wedding

Be happy and remember “Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.”!

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