7 Common questions about Destination Wedding Photography

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they offer a unique experience for the bride and groom, as well as their guests. This type of wedding will often take place in a completely different location to the couple’s home country, which makes it an unforgettable experience.

There are many different types of destination weddings – beach, city or mountain weddings. Beach weddings are often held on white sands or on a private island surrounded by clear blue waters. City weddings can be held in any number of different locations, such as a hotel ballroom or an iconic landmark building. Mountain weddings can be held in any number of stunning locations with views that stretch for miles around them.

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Wedding photographers who specialise in this type of photography will often have to travel to where the wedding is taking place. Photography is an important aspect of a wedding. It captures memories, emotions, and moments that will last a lifetime. Destination weddings in the South of France are on the rise with couples who are looking for something different or want to get married in an exotic location. They offer unique opportunities for destination wedding photographers and make it easier for them to capture those special moments.

Here is my list of common questions about destination wedding photography. 

1. Destination Wedding Photography Fees and Prices?

Wedding photography fees vary depending on the location, whether it is in the city or a more rural area, and the number of hours. Some photographers will charge by the hour and others will offer a flat fee for the entire day.

Price might not have been the only factor in booking your photographer, but you should make sure you are covered. Some wedding photographers offer an all-inclusive package and some photographers do not offer travel and accommodation fees, for example, so make sure to communicate your budget with potential candidates to find the right photographer for you.

The average cost of hiring a destination photographer varies depending on the photographer, their experience, and the geographic location of the wedding. A couple can expect to spend between 2,000 and 5,000 eur for their services.

2. Do I need to book the flights and hotels?

This will vary depending on the photographer you’re working with. Some photographers cover all travel expenses, flights, rental cars, and more; others charge extra for each.

I personally do not charge for flights, hotels, but I usually ask to book a taxi from the venue and back during the wedding day. Also, you should consider adding a meal for photographers at your venue.

3. Maybe local photographers cost less?

Not all local photographers cost less. Destination wedding photographer can have more unique style and also have competitive prices as if your destination is a French Riviera or Como Lake for example, local photographer have more expenses and destination photographer could offer a better deal. Cost is the least important thing when deciding on a photographer. The quality of work and personal connection with the couple should be top priority.

4. Will the destination photographer arrive in advance?

Wedding photographers usually arrive a few days before the wedding. It’s important to have all your equipment ready in time and be there for when the event starts. I always like to arrive a few days in advance myself, just to be on the safe side. For example if I hired as a photographer for wedding in Dordogne, I came to Bordeaux at leas 2 days before, to have a safe trip to the wedding place then.

The photographer needs to be mindful of the composition of each photo, as well as capturing candid moments that happen unexpectedly, so arriving in advance it’s must have.

5. How to sign a contract with a destination wedding photographer?

Signing a contract online is a way to save time and effort. It’s also a reliable way to ensure that the contract is binding. In the past, signing contracts had to be done on paper, with both parties signing in ink and returning them to each other via post or courier services. Nowadays, it is possible to sign contracts online using a digital signature service like DocuSign. The advantages of this are clear: it can be completed at any time and from any location, there is no need for the physical exchange of documents and it is less expensive than sending documents by post or courier service.

6. What is the cancellation policy and refund policy for destination weddings photography services?

A wedding photographer should have a cancellation policy and refund for their clients. This is a good way to protect the photographers from any potential loss.
The wedding photographer should have a refund policy that is clearly stated on the website or in their contract. It should also be easy for the customer to find and understand it. The cancellation policy should include information about when a client can cancel, how much of the fee will be refunded, and what happens if they cancel after that time frame.

7. What is included in a typical package?

The cost of a package is dependent on what the couple wants from their photographer. A cheaper package may not have as many photos or hours of coverage as an expensive package would provide.

Usually I am including next things in the package:

  • Travel and accommodation fees. I always cover them by myself;
  • Total number of hours, that I will be working on the wedding day;
  • Amount of photos that are included;
  • Modern slideshow;

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