Black and white wedding photography

Does black and white wedding photography sound old-fashioned for you? Some people might think this way, but the truth is, it is the best way to convey the emotion and clearly show the message of the picture. Removing the color in the images can make the pictures look more dramatic or stronger. It makes the viewer center their attention on the subject and not on the backgrounds and other elements in the image.

Black and white wedding photography

Colors can distract your attention. This is one of the reasons some couples prefer black and white photography. With black and white, the images are stronger in composition but simpler and are easier to digest. The viewer can easily assess the relationship between the subjects and the emotion the images want to convey.

If you cannot decide between color and black and white, here are some facts that may help you.

It is More Emotional

Black and white wedding photography

You are hiring a professional photographer to capture all the important parts of your wedding. The real feelings and emotions were captured on the lenses. Others may not notice this but the pictures are more emotional in black and white than color. It may not be 100% true on all the shots taken. But most viewers would agree that they can interact more on images in black and white than in color.

Removing the color on images can make father-daughter embrace and tears flowing on the cheeks more powerful. Sometimes the viewer’s attention is diverted to the colorful flowers, and background. But if you convert the image into black and white, the viewer’s attention will be focused on the emotion and the message it wants to convey.

Black and white wedding photography
More Contrast
Monochrome photography is best applied to images with lots of contrast. It focuses on the difference between light and the dark, and not on the colors in the pictures. Images with harsh lighting will look good in black and white. It will be easier to control how the color changes to a different shade of gray. The photographers will have control over the contrast when changing the image to black and white.
Black and white wedding photography
It can be Helpful with Difficult Lighting
Since black and white is perfect in high contrast shots, it is very helpful if your photographer is working in difficult lighting. There are instances were modifying the light is not possible because the wedding is held outdoors. Or the ceremony restricted the use of flash. Also if you need to deal with a bright sun penetrating the venue. Black and white photography can make bad light as an asset by giving interest in those shadows. You can make pictures with boring lights into something interesting by converting them into black and white. If the lights are very soft to add too much contrast, again transforming them into black and white can help a lot.

Make the Event Look Classier

Black and white wedding photography

Don’t worry if the event looks dull and boring, you can transform the photos into something classier by applying black and white wedding photography. There are instances, where couples are hesitant to pay for those photos that are not clearly taken. They feel it is not worth paying for. Sometimes, they would stay away from a venue that has too much light and is hard to work with when it comes to their photos.

If the couples are on a tight budget, then you can save by getting rid of those photos with dull colors. Black and white wedding photography can help save the essence of your wedding at an affordable price. It gives the wedding its unique personality and deep meaning.

Black and white wedding photography
Reportage with a Style
A good photographer knows exactly how a reportage with a style should look like. Reportage is where you tell the story using the pictures taken. It is done in a candid and unobtrusive way. The photographers take pictures randomly and capture every bit of the action. They don’t just point the camera and take the picture.

Photographers will plan their steps, check the lighting and then wait for the perfect moment to take place. The best way to create a reportage with style is to take the photos in black and white. This will show artistic images which will clearly show the atmosphere during the event. There is no better way to describe and show the event’s real emotion than thru black and white photography.

They say that the emotion and true feelings of an image can be described and conveyed clearly in black and white. Not more than 30% of your wedding photos should be in black and white. Keep in mind a wedding is about emotions, people and moments and these photos are stronger if they are in black and white. But there are things that should be colored …

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